This tutorial is incredibly easy with FREE printables included. Very little materials are needed, in fact, you may already have everything you need at home. Create a beautiful modern atmosphere for your next party with these geometric paper garlands.


- Letter sized paper + FREE printable (blank version here; coloured version here)
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Paper folder
- Ruler (stainless steel preferred)


1. Download and print the FREE printable. Choose between using the blank (non-coloured) design or the pastel coloured one… or get playful and use both!
2. Cut out each panel of triangles making sure to include the tab on the one end of the panel; it will be needed to string the sections of the garland together.
3. Use your paper folder to trace (score) along each triangle seam, including the edge for the tab. Then you can easily fold each seam by hand to create the geometric 3D shape. Bend them randomly, whichever way you like. It works really well without a specific pattern to the folding.
4. Once you have cut and folded enough panels (I used about 6 for each garland strand), start gluing them together. Place the glue on the front of the tab and adhere it to the back of another triangle without a tab on it. Continue this process until you’ve used all your panels and achieved the length you like.
5. Make as many as you’d like and start decorating. Party time!

Additional Ideas: Try hanging the finished creations straight down form the ceiling instead of in a scallop shape. Make and hang multiples to create dimension. Try using coloured paper or card stock with the blank printable to get whatever colour of garland you’d like!

images: Sam Dubeau
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  3. Ann Martin
    What a nice idea and trendier than the usual paper ring garland. Thanks! I'll be sharing the link on All Things Paper.
    • gaelan
      so glad you like it!
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  5. Candie
    Super cute!! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Geometric Challenge! :) xo, Candie