I am a huge fan of cross stitch patterns and lettering, although I don’t often practice this craft myself. But if you’ve never done it before, let me just say how easy it is for anyone to pick up. These pretty little tags are a no-fuss-must for beginners who want to put a little extra effort into their gifting. They make a great gift themselves, or as part of your wrapping. Each tag takes about 15 mins to stitch… unless you practice a lot and start getting really speedy! Now get out your needle and thread and take a stab at it.


- Embroidery thread
- Medium Sewing needle
- Single hole punch
- Scissors
- Medium weight card stock
- Printer
- Free Cross Stitch Tags Printable


1. Download and print the Free Cross Stitch Tags Printable.
2. Cut out the tags you would like to create. There are 2 designs and 2 tag sizes.
3. Separate your embroidery thread so that it is not too thick. I ended up with 4 strands for my thread. Now cut 18-20 inches in length for your stitching.
4. Thread your needle and tie a tight knot at the end. Sometimes I tie it more than once so that it is large enough and won’t pull through the stock.
5. Now start stitching! Here are a few important tips: start either at the top of the design and work your way down or at the left of the design and work your way right; you want to try to save thread, so avoid making long stitches by hopping back and forth aross the design; create a pattern as you stitch so that the back of the design is kept nice and tidy; don’t try to guess where you are supposed to poke through when stitching from back to front, simply poke a hole from the front where your needle needs to enter, then return to the back and thread the needle through the already poked hole; when finished, make a few extra stitches underneath some of the threads at the back, then make your knot so that it is secure.
6. Cut the thread after the knot to finish the stitched design. Then punch a hole at the top of the tag.

You’re done! It gets quicker and easier every time, so keep practicing and have fun.

Other ideas: Why not get creative and design your own patterns? You just need some grid/graph pattern to design them, then use image editing software to scan your design and place it onto a tag shape. Or you can stitch your designs on card stock and frame them as art. This takes lots of time and effort, but the outcome can be fantastic!

images: Sam Dubeau
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  3. Lizzie
    ADORABLE idea!!
  4. Grace
    I love this idea, cross-stitching is so easy and this is a great way to use it. Can I just offer a suggestion. If ppl dont like the messy back cover the back of your tag with scrapbooking paper or fabric to hide the backstitches. Just use your tag as a template, and a bit of spray on adhesive.
    • gaelan
      Great suggestion, thanks for sharing!
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