Top Ten Signature Drinks for Summer Weddings

Cocktails are huge right now and having a signature drink at your wedding is not only another creative way to add a little personality to your reception, but it can also help with your budget by taking the place of a full bar. Here are 10 of my favourite signature drinks for every kind of summer wedding. 

For a Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby is coming out this Christmas, but buzz is already building with the release of the trailer and I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of Gatsby-inspired weddings and parties in the near future. Since Gatsby is all about lavishness I think this Elderflower Champagne Cocktail and this Lilet Rose Cocktail would make the perfect apéritifs for such a grand soirée.

Great Gatsby Cocktails

images: Zested; Martha Stewart

For a Southern Style BBQ Wedding

The first time I ever tasted “bourbonade” at Grand Electric here in Toronto, I was hooked! It was pure deliciousness and the perfect libation for a hot summer’s night. You can simply mix bourbon and lemonade for a quick and delicious drink, but this Blackberry and Bourbon Lemonade and this Summer Peach Burbon Lemonade take it to the next level, making them worthy of signature cocktail status. For good measure, make sure to serve them in mason jars.

Southern BBQ Cocktails

images: Eat Love DrinkMatthew Mead for The Associated Press

For an Afternoon Picnic Wedding

So what goes better with summer picnic than a popsicle? How about a poptail? Serving your favourite cocktail in popsicle form sounds pretty genius to me and the Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Popsicle and the White Sangria Popsicle are just two of my favourite flavours from Endless Simmer‘s poptail recipe collection.

Afternoon Picnic Cocktails

images: Endless Simmer

For an Outdoor Vineyard Wedding

Presumably if you’re having your wedding at a vineyard, you’re going to be drinking wine for most of the evening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start the party off with a cocktail; a wine cocktail of course. This Strawberry Rosemary Sangria is an interesting twist on an old favourite and there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a classic White Wine Spritzer to start the night.

Winery Wedding Cocktails

images: A Cozy KitchenMartha Stewart

For Underage, Pregnant, and Teetotaling Guests

When planning your signature drink it’s important not to forget about any underage, pregnant, or teetotaling guests that might be coming. Offering a non-alcoholic option is always a good idea and with all the recipes available out there there’s no reason why your mocktail can’t be just as sexy as its alcoholic counterpart.  Fancy versions of lemonade are always popular, but I prefer my mocktail with a little more kick. Ginger based drinks like this Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer and Spicy Ginger Soda are just as refreshing on a summer’s eve, but with that little bit of zip to make it interesting.


images: joylicious; epicurious

Of course, some say that the key to a great signature drink is all in the name, so be creative and have fun. Now, bottoms up!


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