I love a good party and I especially love a well decorated party. Here is an easy ruffled book page garland to give your party a pretty vintage flare.


- Old Book
- String
- Mod Podge
- Scissors
- Old Paintbrush (for glue)


1. Tear out pages from your old, used book, then tear them down further into small pieces. The pieces I used ranged from 1-2 inches wide in square and rectangle shapes.
2. Roll out some string (but no need to cut) and measure about 5 inches from the end to begin (for tying when the garland is finished).
3. Coat one side of a paper piece with mod podge and lay the string down over it. Take another piece of paper and do the same, except this time sandwich the string between the two pieces of paper, and glue sides together.
4. Repeat this process overlapping the torn paper pieces. No need to coat the outside of the paper with glue, but use a generous coating on the inside of each to make sure the string sticks between the paper pieces.
5. Continue on for as long as you’d like your garland to be and then trim the end, leaving an extra 5 inches again for tying wherever you’d like it to hang. When sections of the garland dry, simply start scrunching the pieces where the meeting points are to create a ruffled or wave effect.

That’s all folks! Can anyone say “easiest garland ever”?

Other ideas: This garland can be constructed out of other papers too. Think of using coloured stocks, or even lined or graph paper you have stored up would work too. I always like to use what I have on-hand whenever I can instead of buying something new.

Enjoy crafting!

images: Sam Dubeau
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